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Highly qualified professionally and personally

Our Team

We are a team of highly qualified professionals and efficient, resilient people committed to our communities and vulnerable populations.

Our Boards of Directors: Wilfred Labiosa, Lic Francisco Baquero, Lic Alexis Burgos, Rev. Nixie Ramos, Swinda Colón y Sofía Feliciano & Soraya Santiago (Honorary Lifetime Board Member)* * Deceased

For additional information

For additional information about Descúbrete, PFLAG, Sage Puerto Rico and its Community Center for the LGBT+ Older Adult or Reconstruye Q, please contact us at or call 787.940.8851

Our Team of Professionals


Wilfred W. Labiosa, Ph.D. – Executive Director & President
Seil Roman, LiCSW – Director of the Mental Health Program
Carmen Janet Collazo, Coach & Facilitator of the Descúbrete Program
Kiaranel Castro, Facilitator of the Descúbrete Program
Lisa Miranda, Ph.D. – Psychologist
Jaime Fuentes, LiCSW – Clinical Social Worker
Erickani Florencia, Coordinator of the Community Center in Cabo Rojo
Doroti Santiago, Bárbara Hernández & Cármen Oquendo-Villar, PhD – Facilitators of Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation
Natalia Rodríguez & María Sánchez, Facilitators of Music Therapy
Lisbeth Meléndez, Facilitator of Faith & Spirituality
Chenoa Blott, LMHC – Facilitator of Chrysalis Support Group
Isandra Ortíz, Executive Assistant
Keyla García, Nutrition and complementary therapies
Olga N. Chapman-Rivera, BRAAVE communications, and digital marketing
Ivonne Álvarez, Organization Accounting

Waves Ahead  is a non profit organization with Registration number: 399869; Employer Identification number: 66-0886812; and Registered as a bonafide 501c3 organization number: 26053734001417

Our Supporters (2020)

Conexión Supporters ($3,000 +)
Claudia Barrios
Intersections International
Centaur Motorcycle Club
Lancaster, PA Pride Week
Wild Geese Foundation
SSS Puerto Rico
CenterLink: the Community of LGBT Centers
Continuidad Supporters ($1,500 +)
Basil Tilmon
Oz Mondejar & John
Verlinden Family
Prasad Family
National PFLAG
SAGE, Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders
Benevity Fund

Cariños Supporters ($500 +)
Peg Preble
Troup 429 Center and LGBT Bar

Grants Awarded (2020)
Hispanic Federation
Gamma Mu Foundation
Power On, LGBT Tech
Wild Geese Foundation
Global Giving Foundation
And many other diaspora volunteers and financial partners living in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Intersections International

CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers

Fundacion IAWE en Lajas

Iglesia Cristo para Todos

World History Association

Iglesia Cristo para Todo

World History Association

Municipio Autónomo de San Juan & Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

Municipio de Cabo Rojo & Mayor Bobby Ramirez

Puerto Rico Diseña

Municipio de Toa Baja & Mayor Bernardo Marquez

The Washington & Los Angeles Blade

One Stop Career Center of Puerto Rico, Inc.

Universidad Ana G Mendez: Escuela de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas, Dept. Trabajo Social, Recinto de Carolina

Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Programa de Trabajo Social

Cámara de Comercio LGBT de Puerto Rico

Boston Pride & Latino Pride Committees

Human Rights Campaign’s Latinx/Catholics Initiatives

National PFLAG

AARP, Puerto Rico Chapter

The PR LGBT + Trade Alliance