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LGBT+ older adults and COVID19

Mental health conditions.

The stress of COVID-19, the uncertainty it creates, and the potential for older adults to be more susceptible to the virus, can exacerbate any underlying risk for depression or anxiety.


Physical health, pain and disability.

During this COVID-19 outbreak, being in an older age demographic and having chronic health conditions are criteria for “high-risk” vulnerability to the virus. This can compound the stress many older adults feel.

Social isolation, feeling lonely or disconnected.

Social distancing can create further isolation, and the current crisis is affecting almost everyone’s routines, mass transportation, and some “non-essential” social services. This means that the usual social support and contacts older adults have with others may be diminished.


The COVID-19 outbreak can feel like a threat that could bring about even more potential loss adding to the older adults’ baseline experiences of loss.

Disruption in routine.

There is a good chance that COVID-19 has affected the older adult’s usual routines: where they can shop, eat, walk and socialize.



Written by: Wilfred Labiosa, Executive Director of Waves Ahead and Sage PR