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Waves Ahead Corp, was organized and incorporated during June 2017. It was registered during August 2017 as a not-for-profit organization in Puerto Rico and in
continental US*.


  • Support in the development and formation of stronger segments of our community, among them, LGBT, seniors, homeless, and others; in order for them to transform their quality of living.
  • Promote an inclusive public policy for all.
  • Providing the skills necessary in order to empower them as individuals, families, and community-as-a-whole.


  • Apoyar el desarrollo y formación para el fortalecimiento de comunidades, entre ellas LGBT, adultos mayores, entre otro/as, que ayuden a reforzar una transformación de calidad de vida.
  • Promover una política publica inclusiva para todas las comunidades.
  • Mejorar su apoderamiento transformando su calidad de vida, personal, familiar y comunitaria.
Board of Directors: Wilfred Labiosa, Lic Francisco Baquero, Soraya Santiago, Lic Alexis Burgos, Rev. Nixie Ramos & Aleida Baez, PhD.

Wilfred W. Labiosa, Executive Director,  Wilfred@wavesahead.org

Seil Roman, Director of Mental Health Services, Seil@wavesahead.org
Janet Collazo & Kiaranel Castro, Facilitators of Descubrete Program, waves@wavesahead.org 
Barbara Hernandez and Carmen Oquendo, Facilitators of Yoga and Meditation Classes, waves@wavesahead.org
For information on SAGE Puerto Rico, Descubrete, PFLAG, or Reconstruye Q, waves@wavesahead.org 

*(registration number: 399869; Employer Identification number: 66-0886812; our 501c3 registration number: 26053734001417).