LGBT Senior Community Center & Transitional Housing/Shelter

We are working with SAGE, Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders, and AARP in order to begin the establishment of a SAGE PR chapter that will include community based services and advocacy on behalf of the LGBT seniors, retirees, and elders; we work collaboratively with the AARP, Puerto Rico Chapter, in developing LGBT activities and in this endeavor.  Currently, we continue the process provided by SAGE in order to accomplish our goal during 2018.





Women-lead households & LGBT entrepreneurship and training program

We have established a working group with local and national leaders and allies in the formation of programs specifically for the LGBT community in Puerto Rico. The goal is to establish a community training program for individuals interested in developing a business plan for the establishment of their enterprise.

We have been meeting with leaders of the area of Candelero (abajo and arriba) in Humacao in order to complete a needs assessment in regards to education needs and business entrepreneurship goals. This is ongoing.




Mental Health Counseling & Educational Supports

Waves Ahead’ group of volunteers including professionals in social work and psychology plus our staff provide brief mental health sessions impacting the mental health wellness of individuals and families. We utilize a wide array of techniques and philosophies to assist in decreasing stress, sadness, trauma, and other mental health issues affecting the Puerto Rican people.