Hurricane Relief

Rebuilding Trips of Homes

We continue helping individuals and families living in the affected areas of Humacao, Toa Alta, Toa Abaja, Carolina, San Juan, Yabucoa, and Vieques…..and we have completed more than 15 homes during our Reconstruye Q project. We continue to assist LGBT folks in Puerto Rico; contact us via email or phone to learn how you can become involved!

Please consider participating as a local volunteer or donating in order to help us rebuild PR.

Thanks to our volunteers from the US and the UK that made a total success our Reconstruye Q efforts held May & June 2018.



Background Information

Puerto Rico was affected by the worst hurricane in its history in September 2017; it entered through the southeast coast as a category 5 and exited the northwest coast as a category 4. The day after this catastrophic atmospheric event, community members outreached to us to work with them in order to help meet their needs. This included food, drinking water, tarps to cover their roofs, clothing, and toiletries essentials.

During the first 60 days, after this catastrophic event, we were able to provide more than 378 individuals and 63 families (with 51 children under the age of 16) with food, drinking water, and their essentials for survival. About 64 of individuals are considered to be aging or elders and live alone or with their aging partner. And more than 62 were from the LGBT community. Since then (as of January 31, 2018), we have provided aide to more than 119 elders, 82 families with 94 children, 78 LGBT community members, and more than 691 individuals.



We have been able to provide families, children, and individuals with food, water, water filters, and personal hygiene items; in sections of Humacao, Yabucoa, Arecibo, Río Grande, Caguas, Juncos, Vieques, Toa Baja, and many areas of San Juan metro, among them, Puerto Nuevo, Old San Juan, Rio Piedras, Caimito, and Santurce.

In many instances, we have been the only ones visiting the areas, in specifically the Humacao area of Candelero Abajo y Arriba and the Arecibo area of Miraflores, no federal nor local government entity had entered or provided assistance in these neighborhoods during the first four months, after the hurricane.

We have partnered with the following agencies and companies in order to provide the assistance. These are:

  • Caribbean Soaps: this company prepares natural based citronella candles, soaps, and personal repellent mosquitoes sprays.
  • AARP, Puerto Rico Chapter: We assisted in the preparation and distribution of groceries throughout the towns of Arecibo, Toa Baja, Humacao, Vieques, and Caguas.
  • Le Marie Water Services Inc.: this company provided us with the needed water for these communities, at a lower cost.
  • Various community based pharmacies and businesses donated goods and food for distribution.
  • Members of the Puerto Rican and LGBT Diaspora from United States, Cuba, United Kingdom, New Zeland & Canada donated goods, solar-based items, and/or funds to help our work.